10 Series

On a much larger scale, the 33,000 GVW 10 Series service body can handle the larger jobs your company encounters. Accommodating up to a 14,000 pound crane its 10 gauge galvannealed steel body construction and aluminum doors and heavier duty crane application, this truck can conquer your field service needs with ease. Make it easier for your crew to finish the job by adding a lube skid and some of our other unique customizable features.

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Project Description


  • Defines crane functionality under unsafe operating conditions hindering personal injury and protecting against asset damage
  • Benefits: Increased OSHA D.A.R.T Scores / Increased R.O.I.
  • Displays LMI (Load Moment Indication)
  • Displays warnings in plain text (IE – oil temp, outriggers not deployed, crane overload, Etc.)
  • Self diagnostic checks upon start up and during operation Made in America / Military grade switches / Solid state componentry / IP66 water & dust proof
  • J1939 based communication
  • Easy to use / Easy to read panel
  • Start / stop truck engine
  • Engage PTO
  • Engage Compressor
  • Auto outrigger deployment and truck levelling
  • Auto stow crane
  • PTO hour meter display
  • Auto decreases crane rotate speed when heavy loads are detected
  • All lights (one button activates every light on the body including compartment lights)
  • Individual light activation
  • Novice mode setting (training feature)
  • Up to five (5) auxiliary functions available
  • Geo-Fence functionality
  • Coded access to time and date stamped overload events and warnings
  • PTO control
  • Lighting control
  • System warnings (indicated by flashing panel)
  • Wireless remote missing (indicated by flashing panel)
  • Programmable auxiliary switches (eliminates need for chassis up-fitter switches)
  • Small light weight design
  • Three handling options: Pistol grip / Belt clip / Shoulder harness
  • Fully proportional joysticks with built in detents to assist in guiding crane controls
  • Safety drop accelerometer (deactivates crane controls when a fall is detected)
  • Programmable “time-out” feature (deactivates controls when not in use for selected period of time)
  • Display monitor (with back lighting) / Communicates diagnostics, LMI (Load Moment Indication), Safety warnings
  • Start / stop truck engine
  • Start / stop air compressor & increase idle switch
  • Auxiliary switch
  • Battery life indicator
  • Four (4) AA alkaline batteries
  • Robust magnet
  • Open centre fixed displacement gear pump
  • Direct mounted to transmission PTO
  • 26 gallon (7-series), 32 gallon (8 & 10-series) body mounted hydraulic reservoir
  • Hydraulic driven reciprocating air compressor
  • 40 CFM output
  • 175psi max output
  • Hannay 1/2″ x 50′ HD spring rewind hose reel equipped with 50′ of 250 psi rated air hose, terminated w/ 1/2″ male NPT hose end
  • ASME underbody air receiver
  • 19 gallon receiver
  • Mechanical air tank moisture drain
  • Lincoln 1/2″ Filter/Lubricator/Regulator installed in compartment w/ air reel
  • Summit-manufactured Granite™ drawer packages designed per compartment and customer requirements
  • Steel or Aluminum configurations available
  • Include 14ga drawers w/ dividers
  • Heavy duty 500# roller bearing slides
  • Tamper resistant, lockable T-handle centre latch
  • Powder coated face (steel)
  • Drawers in 3″, 5″ and 7″ heights
  • LED marker lights front and rear
  • 4″ round 24 LED flush, grommet mounted stop/tail/turn lights installed in rear bumper face
  • 4″ round 24 LED flush, grommet mounted reverse lights w/ back up alarm installed in rear bumper face
  • 18″ LED compartment lights installed in each compartment
  • 4 LED work lights
  • Controlled by switch in body control panel
  • Switch location: chassis cab
  • 7 pin RV style trailer plug in installed in bumper
  • Weather proof latching main body power switch panel installed in crane compartment
  • Includes panel and switches to control crane, outriggers and 12V body accessories including lights



Body Weight 7,165 lbs.
Width 98″
Length 14′
Body Rating 72,000 lbs.
Materials 10 gauge
Cargo Deck
Width 54″
Depth 170″
Height 50-62″
Depth 22″
Other Dimensions
Workbench Depth 24” & 30″
Tailgate Height 12″
Storage Capacity 226 cu. ft