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Summit Truck Equipment

Summit Truck Equipment

Canada's Rival & Foremost Hydrovac Authority.

At Summit Truck Equipment, we specialize in Rival and Foremost equipment along with many other great Hydrovac brands. We are happy to provide mobile and in shop services including repairs, scheduled maintenance and warranty campaigns. With a large supply of parts and equipment in stock, we proudly serve a large area surrounding both Ontario and Alberta, Canada. We're excited to offer pick up or delivery options for our valued customers. Training and Demonstrations are available on all of our units!

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Summit Truck Equipment Canada's Premier Truck & Parts Destination.

Experience the epitome of truck performance at your ultimate destination in Canada for unparalleled quality and service. Our commitment to delivering top-tier excellence ensures that you receive unmatched performance and reliability. From our carefully selected range of high-quality trucks to our dedicated team providing personalized attention, Summit Truck Equipment is the go-to choice for all your trucking needs in Canada.

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Expert Financing.

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Accelerate your business with Summit Truck Equipment’s fast and tailored commercial vehicle and equipment financing. Benefit from our expertise, trusted lenders, and hassle-free process for quick approvals. Drive your success today.

Summit Truck Equipment Service

Summit Service:

Maximize uptime with Summit Truck Equipment’s mobile service. Our certified Offroad Journeymen mechanics bring top-quality service directly to you, wherever you are. Experience convenience and save time with  on-site vehicle servicing. Our mobile department offers all standard services, ensuring your vehicles receive expert care. Keep your  operations running smoothly. Schedule your on-site service today!

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We Operate At the Highest Level

At Summit Truck Equipment, we thrive on pushing boundaries. We are relentless in our pursuit of innovation and problem-solving. Rather than conforming to industry trends, we take pride in setting new standards. With genuine smiles and unwavering integrity, we prioritize serving our customers. Our crafts have been honed over decades of hard work and dedication. Our cohesive team of project managers, engineers, account managers, and technicians work in harmony to ensure impeccable quality and a seamless process. As an industry leader, we confidently assert that the service and support you’ll experience from Summit Truck Equipment are unrivaled.

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