Service Trucks

Service Trucks2023-01-29T14:55:55-07:00
  • ste-service-truck-shelving-units
  • ste-storage-truck-serial-panel
  • ste-service-truck-storage-shelf
  • ste-service-truck-rear-view-white
  • ste-service-truck-top-vehicle-view
  • crane-summit-truck-equipment
  • summit-truck-equipment-crane
  • summit-truck-equipment-service-truck-front
  • summit-truck-equipment-service-truck
  • passenger-side-ste-unit-9376
  • hydrovac-9376-ste-holding-tank
  • summit-truck-equipment-hydrovac-components
  • ste-9376-hydro-storage
  • ste-9376-hose-container
  • summit-truck-equipment-unit-9376-chassis-rating
  • ste-9376-interior-passenger-side
  • ste-panel-9376
  • summit-truck-equipment-9376-board
  • dash-ste-unit-9376
  • def-gauge-ste-9376
  • summit-truck-body-serial-9376

Summit Truck Bodies

Our bodies are custom built for you, the customer, to ensure complete satisfaction with guaranteed usability, longevity, and exceptional design. Summit Truck Bodies uses a proved body mount system that ensures body rigidity, strength, and safety. Purchasing a Summit truck body means you are buying factory direct, so the savings are passed on to you. By eliminating the middle man we are able to provide high quality at a low price, saving you money. You are assured of a great paint job and a quality installation on all properly specced chassis every time.