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Rival T7 Rotary Union

Upgrade your hydrovac truck’s fluid transfer system with the reliable Rival T7 Rotary Union. This high-performance rotary union ensures a leak-free connection, smooth rotational movement, and dependable fluid transfer for efficient excavation operations.

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Rival T7 Rotary Union for Hydrovac Trucks

Upgrade your hydrovac truck’s fluid transfer system with the reliable and high-performance Rival T7 Rotary Union. Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the hydrovac industry, this rotary union provides a seamless and leak-free connection between the stationary plumbing system and the rotating boom or hose assembly.

Key Features:

  1. Dependable Fluid Transfer: Rotary Unions ensure a dependable transfer of fluids, such as water, slurry, or debris, from the hydrovac truck’s supply lines to the rotating components. Experience consistent and uninterrupted fluid flow, allowing for efficient excavation operations.
  2. Leak-Free Design: Designed with precision, this rotary union offers a robust and leak-free connection. Its advanced sealing mechanism ensures that fluids are transferred securely without any loss or leakage, even under high pressures and demanding conditions.
  3. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Rival T7 Rotary Union is built to withstand the rigors of hydrovac operations. It can endure rotational forces, abrasive materials, and extreme temperatures, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimizing downtime.
  4. Smooth Rotational Movement: With this high-quality rotary union, enjoy smooth and precise rotational movement of the boom or hose assembly. This allows for enhanced control and maneuverability during excavation tasks, ensuring accurate positioning and efficient soil removal.
  5. Easy Installation: This Rotary Union is designed for easy installation and integration into your hydrovac truck’s fluid transfer system. It is compatible with standard plumbing configurations, enabling a seamless upgrade process without extensive modifications.
  6. Maintenance and Serviceability: The Rival T7 Rotary Union is designed for easy maintenance and serviceability. It allows for convenient access to internal components, simplifying inspections and potential repairs. This ensures minimal downtime and optimal performance of your hydrovac equipment.

Invest in your equipment and enhance the fluid transfer capabilities of your hydrovac truck. With its dependable performance, leak-free design, and durable construction, this rotary union provides the reliability and efficiency necessary for successful excavation operations. Experience smooth rotational movement, efficient fluid transfer, and a robust connection that meets the demanding standards of the hydrovac industry.


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