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Aarcomm Smart Wand

Experience a new level of safety and control with the Aarcomm Smart Wand. Designed specifically for Hydrovac operations, this innovative tool enhances excavation practices by detecting unsafe movement and automatically shutting off the water flow. With seamless integration into the Aarcomm system, it provides remote control capabilities, streamlining operations and ensuring the well-being of operators. Upgrade your Hydrovac practices today and dig with confidence using the Aarcomm Smart Wand.

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Elevate your Hydrovac operations to new heights of safety and control with the Aarcomm Smart Wand.

Designed specifically for Hydrovac operators, this innovative hands-free tool is a game-changer in ensuring safer excavation practices. With its advanced motion detection technology and integration with the Aarcomm system, the Smart Wand provides unparalleled safety and remote control capabilities to Hydrovac crews.

Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety is paramount in Hydrovac operations, and the Aarcomm Smart Wand takes it to the next level. Equipped with cutting-edge motion sensors, it detects unsafe movement patterns in real-time. In the event of detected unsafe movement, the Smart Wand automatically triggers the shut-off mechanism, instantly stopping the water flow. This crucial safety feature helps prevent accidents and ensures the well-being of operators and surrounding personnel.

Seamless Integration with Aarcomm System:

The Aarcomm Smart Wand seamlessly integrates with the Aarcomm system, providing enhanced remote control capabilities for Hydrovac crews. By connecting to the Aarcomm system, operators gain centralized control and monitoring access from a remote location. This integration enables remote start/stop functionality, pressure adjustments, and precise control over excavation processes. Experience increased efficiency, improved productivity, and enhanced safety through remote control capabilities.

Hands-Free Operation:

The Smart Wand’s hands-free operation empowers Hydrovac operators with greater freedom and convenience. By reducing the need for manual shut-off valves, operators can focus entirely on the excavation process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The hands-free functionality allows for precise control and reduces operator fatigue, resulting in improved productivity and optimized performance.

Robust and Reliable:

Crafted with robustness and durability in mind, the Aarcomm Smart Wand is built to withstand the demanding conditions of Hydrovac operations. Its rugged construction ensures reliability in harsh environments, providing consistent performance even in challenging work sites. Count on the Smart Wand’s resilience to endure the rigors of daily use, delivering reliable and uninterrupted excavation control.

Streamlined Hydrovac Operations:

The Aarcomm Smart Wand streamlines Hydrovac operations by combining safety and remote control capabilities. With its automatic shut-off feature and integration with the Aarcomm system, it revolutionizes the way Hydrovac crews operate. Experience increased productivity, minimized downtime, and heightened safety standards, all in one efficient tool.

Upgrade to the Aarcomm Smart Wand today and transform your Hydrovac operations. Embrace the power of hands-free safety and remote control capabilities, enabling your crew to work confidently and efficiently. With the Smart Wand, you can dig with peace of mind and take control of your excavation processes like never before.


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