Hydrovac Sales & Rentals

Hydrovac Sales & Rentals2022-11-16T10:13:21-07:00

Hydrovac Sales and Rentals

Our team is available to ensure you have up-to-date information on available equipment for lease on a month to month basis, rent to own and financing options to help grow your business. Build equity as you make payments by utilizing our buyout plan. If you choose to buy a unit that you have been renting, we will apply a percentage of your rental payments towards the purchase price of the truck. Our equipment and leases can be built specifically to match each of our customer’s needs.

Our inventory changes frequently so please inquire if you are looking for something in particular. For prices, any questions, to book demos or to have specific spec sheets sent to your inbox please contact either Rod or Michelle. Contact information is listed below.

NEW 2022 Rival Hydrovac T10D

Western Star 49X – SPIF or Tridrive units available

Engine: DD13

Transmission: Allison Automatic. Option for custom Eaton Fuller 18 Speed

Blower: Robuschi 125 – 3850 CFM

Water Pump: Pratissoli 2040 10 GPM and 3000 PSI

Debris Body: 10 yards

Water Capacity: 1200 Gallons

Boom: 8″ Reduced to a 6″ Dig Tube Extendable to 25 Feet.

Available for Rent to Own or Straight Purchase

Currently have Tri Drive models Available

Build Slots Available into 2023

    • Financing Available!!

NEW Freightliner Rival T7

Freightliner 114SD

Engine: DD13

Transmission: Allison Automatic

Blower: Robuschi 105- 2650 CFM

Water Pump: Pratissoli 1040 – 3000PSI 10GPM

Debris Body: 7 Yards Debris

Water Capacity: 800 Gallons

Boom: 6″ reduced to a 5″ Dig Tube Extendable 20 Feet.

Available for Rent to Own or Straight Purchase

Located in: Alliston, Ontario and Red Deer, Alberta.

    • Financing Available!!

Freightliner 122SD

Foremost 1600

Engine: DD13

Transmission: 18 Speed Eaton Fuller

Blower: Robuschi 125 (3800 CFM)

Water Pump: Kt28 18GPM

Debris Body: 13 Yards

Water Capacity: 1600 Gallons

Available for Sale or Rent to Own!

Located in Alliston Ontario.

Financing Available!!